Impulse Factory has marked the history of  the harder scene since the middle ninties.

Impulse Factory started moving around the harder scene in 1996 due to his passion for electronic music.

His career took off on the legendary Traxtorm records. During the millenium era, harder dance music was marked by his hits that are still played at every millenium party.

He’s the one who produced with The Reactor and Roul one of the biggest hardcore hit ever: Hardcore Will Never Die. 

Impulse Factory has been producing with many other  artists such as Tommyknocker, Mad Dog, Dj Randy, Bass D & King Matthew and The Masochist just to name a few.  Not to forget all his unfamous aliases such as T-factor.

Furthermore, he has performed all over the world and walked on stage at Love Parade, Master Of Hardcore, Nature One, Street Parade and too many more to mention.

A few years ago he decided to work more into background, mainly on samples and ghost productions. Therefore in the past 20 years he’s been working with so many artist you don’t even imagine. He’s producing sample packs for the legendary Industrial Strenght Records, and above all he’s focused on making specific samples, mixing, mastering and ghosting only for harder music, the first and only on the market.

He’s been heavily inluenced by the Roman’s techno scene in the early ninties and these influences has driven him into Techno productions. He’s the cofounder of Exetra Records with MOTVS.

There are no further questions, Impulse Factory is the legend, THE HARDEST.