Impulse Factory – Hard Leads for Serum

impulse factory hard leads for serum

Impulse Factory returns with a Hard Leads pack for Serum users. Industrial Strength Samples style.  So turn on your Daw and get your Helmut ready.

This pack unleashes the inner core in all of us. This Hard leads set for Serum was created by Italy’s Impulse Factory. This mind-bending Serum collection is geared up for Hard Dance, Up-Tempo, Raw-style, Psy-Trance, EDM, and Hardcore of any kind. This pack really kicks for Old School Hardcore

Hard Leads is of course 100% License Free and ready for your signature touch. The Serum patches Included are great for Old School Gabba. These Gabba presets all have a modern edge to meet the demand of today’s producer.

Hard Leads is jammed packed with custom made Hardcore Serum presets to tweak out or use as is. Check the 3 insane Demo Tracks out and get a sneak peak of what on offer. You might want to lower the volume or turn it up. I think that’s up to your neighbour.

Impulse Factory created loads of Screeches, Squeals, Leads, Hard Leads, Saw leads, Lead Fx, Old School Gabba Leads. This pack has so many Hard Synth sounds that will have you coming back for more.

Impulse Factory Hard lead contains 70 presets for Serum users to abuse. The Serum patches feature Mod Wheel Filter Cutoffs and Distortion to have total control over each patch. The way you like it.

If you’re struggling to get your perfect synth for your harder track, well… just realx and grab this Serum sound set!

When this pack was made it was planned to be THE PACK, the reference for any future harder track. It had already happened before, all the hard leads included in this pack we’ll be the standard for all the future harder music.

Kept in mind all the genres that we know and love during the process, Impulse factory designed the per perfect synth you’ll ever looking for. We want you to feel as excited as we feel when we bounce off the chair with a new cool melody.

Well, we must be honest, this pack has raised the bar once again.

Just listen to the 3 insane demos on this page, they’ll show you all the sounds you’ll find in it and once you’re done you’ll only want to grab it as soon as possible.

Make sure to grab your copy of Impulse Factory Hard Leads right now, if you don’t, well it’s your own worst choice!

You can check out other Impulse Factory packs here on our site, head over the lgacy that has made the history of the harder synths, and have a listen.

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Impulse Factory Hard Leads for Serum includes:

  • 70 Presets
  • Saw Leads
  • Subs
  • Screeches
  • Squeals
  • Leads
  • Hard leads
  • Lead Fx
  • Gabber Leads
  • Distorted Patches
  • Psy-Trance Bass
  • Up-Tempo Leads
  • Raw-style Leads
  • Hardcore Leads
  • Formats: Serum
  • +You Must Own Serum to use this sound set +

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