Ghost Production

Your Dj career has just started, your mixing skills are so good and you keep practice every single day. Your dream is performing at all the big festivals you always attend during summer.

I played at many festival during my career in the middle 90′ and I do know that feeling: the crowd is screaming, your hand is shaking and when the first beat comes in the people start bouncing for you.

I’m sorry I must be honest,  it’s more likely your dream will never come true.

Nowadays being only a Dj is not enough.

Most of your competitor are producers and besides a dj. The big names in the scene have a well estabilished team of producers behind the curtain.

Now I have a bad and a good news. The bad is that if you don’t produce good music your dj skills won’t be enough to make you walk on big stages. The good news is that Impule Factory have been ghosting harder producers for over 20 years, there are so many tracks you’ve been dancing and spinning that were made by Impulse Factory you don’t even know.

Don’t be scared of ghost productions! Music has always been collaboration and cooperation, expecially at the top of the dance scenes.

Impulse Factory teamed up with the best hard ghost prodcuers on the market to give you all the support you need to become the next big artist. We can help you with the music and offer you a complete consultancy for your project . The first professional ghosting service dedicated to the harder dance music. 

Now it’s your turn. Stop struggling for an uncertain future and start doing solid things for your professional career.


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