Mixing & Mastering

Mixing &Mastering

Have you have ever wondered why professional tracks sound so much louder than yours? I think you have.

The bad news is that you’re right, those tracks are lounder and sounds way better than your stuff. You can tweak those knobs for hours but most likely nothing will change, I’m sorry…

It’s not your fault.

Mixing is a crucial step of your work and mastering it’s your icing on the cake. You can’t master all these skills and be good at doing each of them. Nowadays a good track is well produced, perfect mixed and professional mastered.

A good mixing and a perfect master can make a huge difference but you can’t get your music finalized by a general EDM engineer if your style is hard, can you?

That’s why Impulse Factory, after 20 years of experience, teamed up with the best hard ghost prodcuers on the market to make your harder music finally stand out. The first professional mixing and mastering service dedicated to the harder side of dance music. Impulse Factory can make you sound the hardest!

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